Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Heinlein's Guide to Successful Writing

  1. You must *write*
  2. You must *finish* what you write.
  3. Having written, you must *submit* what you wrote to someone who might be interested in *buying* it.
  4. You must *keep* submitting until it either sells or has been bounced by every possible market.
  5. You must *not* change what you write, *unless* an editor commits to buying it if you make the requested changes.
An awful lot of folks never get past #2...


Peter Debney said...

Interesting article from Charlie Jane Anders on io9 explaining why rule #3 about not rewriting may have been true for Heinlein 50 years ago but is not true for the rest of us today:
The famous writing advice that could seriously mess up your game

Peter Debney said...

Oh, and rule #5 as well...