Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Dr Who and the Easter Eggs

The waiting is nearly over. The new Dr Who series will start in the UK on April 3rd (Americans will have to wait until the 17th and Australians the 18th) with the new Doctor (Matt Smith), new assistant Amy Pond (Karen Gillian), new Tardis interior (the last Doctor didn’t leave it in very good condition), new chief writer (Steven Moffat) and new story (The Eleventh Hour). There may be some other new stuff as well...

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Military SF Double Bill

This month and next we are embarking on a award-winning military SF double bill (it is difficult to think of a greater contrast to Moominvalley): Starship Troopers for April followed by The Forever War for May.

Robert Heinlein's Hugo winning Starship Troopers is still controversial 50 years after its release. It is a right-wing, might-is-right, military service is the measure of the man product of the post-war American dream. That said, it is also a cracking good read. You had best avoid the films though...