Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Dr Who and the Easter Eggs

The waiting is nearly over. The new Dr Who series will start in the UK on April 3rd (Americans will have to wait until the 17th and Australians the 18th) with the new Doctor (Matt Smith), new assistant Amy Pond (Karen Gillian), new Tardis interior (the last Doctor didn’t leave it in very good condition), new chief writer (Steven Moffat) and new story (The Eleventh Hour). There may be some other new stuff as well...

Some interesting links
BBC Review of Matt Smith's first Doctor Who story

“Who's the new Doctor?” video

Matthew Richards in conversation with the 11th Doctor Who, Matt Smith


Peter Debney said...

Two commentaries from the Times Online:

Doctor Who: from awkward boy to debonair man in an hour

Will Doctor 11 have the phwoargh factor of Doctors 9 and 10?

Peter Debney said...

There's going to be a sneak-peak of the opening online this Saturday at 18:25


Peter Debney said...

Behind the scenes with the new Doctor Who

Peter Debney said...

Two words about last night's show: absolutely fantastic!
Both the new Doctor and assistant are spot on, and Steven Moffat's writing is,as always, excellent.
Is it possible that Russel T Davis was more subtle at staking out series plot arcs though? It seems clear to me that the crack in time will be a major theme (solved somehow by Amy Pond). I also suspect that, with the wedding references, she will bow out at the end of the series :-(
Next stop: The Beast Below