Wednesday, 20 January 2010

SFBK Science Fiction Book Club: The Genres of Speculative Fiction

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Wow, we are now onto our 26th book: The Fountains of Paradise. I must admit it is one of my favourites (accurate technological predictions though far of the mark on spirituality) and has been a great influence on my interest in Astrotechtonics. I am now waiting for NASA to turn the Science Fiction into Science Fact

As a record, I have been listing all our books on an Amazon List: SFBK-Science-Fiction-Book-Club with 1066 viewings at time or writing. With this latest book I have run out of space and had to start a new one, which you can find at SFBK-Science-Fiction-Book-Club-2.

Watch this space!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

The Doctor is dead; Long live the Doctor

David Tennant's tenancy of Doctor Who is finally, and sadly, over. He was possibly the best Doctor; if not, then a close second to Tom Baker. The question on every Who fans' lips is: will Matt Smith fill those running shoes?